Custom Faceting

Master Faceting

With rates starting as low as $60 per hour, I will facet your quality colored gemstone rough into precision crafted works of art. I would be happy to inspect your gemstone rough for the potential beauty waiting to be revealed within. 

Gemstone Repair

Gemstone repair

Let me bring back the lively enchantment of those well worn colored gemstones that have been chipped, scratched and abraded through daily life. With the colored gemstone repair service, I can restore the luster of your favorite colored gems, bringing back life with minimal loss of carat weight. Cost estimates vary with the type of colored stone and severity of the repair needed.

Schiller Cabochon

cabochon cutting

In addition to the faceting services I currently offer, I am pleased to offer cabochon cutting services on a limited basis. Rates begin as low as $60 per hour.